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23rd January 2016
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Winter is coming… be prepared


The sun is but a distant memory, the leaves have fallen from the trees and the frosty weather is setting in. Yes, winter is coming and is creeping ever closer; with every day seeing the mercury drop a couple of levels on the thermometer.

We’ve been quite lucky the last few years with the winter weather. Yes, it may have been a little cold but for the most part the snow, ice and frost have stayed away, allowing for a milder season.

But Jack Frost is biting back in 2016. This winter, by most admissions looks to be an especially cold one. The snow has already arrived on the hills and sub-zero temperatures are expected to spread across the UK with the Daily Mail already reporting snowfall of over five inches in some places.

And while you might be wrapping up warm with a couple of coats, a hat and maybe a scarf, what about your base, the one place that is your sanctuary from the cold? Unless you have the greatest knitting skills known to man, it’s highly unlikely that you will be twisting a scarf around the place you call home. 

So what to do about your house, and keeping it as homely as possible? Luckily the experts at Tyneside Home Improvements have all the ingredients to winter proof the most expensive purchase you will likely ever make – and it won’t see you paying out a fortune to keep the warmth inside this cold season.

Not just good roofing, Supalite roofing.

7-afterNot just a solution which will keep the cold out of your conservatory in winter, Supalite roofing pays off all year around; also keeping the heat at bay in the long summer days.
With the average fitting time being just four days, there is no need to wait until the weather improves – from day one your roof will be waterproof meaning no leaks from rain or lying snow, right from the start.
Helping you save money and energy, 150mm of insulated materials keep your heating bills down, while the temperature will stay up.

Not only will a Supalite roof help stabilise temperatures throughout the year, it will also add something to the aesthetic properties – matching the appearance of your home and turning your conservatory into a stylish, all-year round sunroom where you can relax be it 30 degrees outside or -10.

And as Supalite national installers of the year five years in a row from 2012-2016, a Supalite roof from Tyneside Home Improvements is guaranteed to be quality.

Turf out the old…

A-large-lawn-completed-with-Artificial-Grass-before-and-after-700x395What is a garden without grass? Many would argue it’s a yard, but there’s no doubt that the main attraction of a garden – even if it is often understated – is the lawn.

A well-trimmed, neat lawn is a thing to behold. However like other aspects of nature, winter can soon take hold and play havoc. Divots, thin grass and seeing your garden become a mud pit are just a few things which can ruin your winter garden. Luckily, there is a solution.

Artificial turf isn’t just the bane of international footballers playing away games in far flung countries. It’s also an excellent alternative to the usual grass you see in British gardens up and down the nation.

Coming fully guaranteed for 10 years, artificial turf from Tyneside Home Improvements not only comes with peace of mind, but the promise that the amount of work required to maintain it is kept at an absolute minimum – leaving you with more time to enjoy your garden no matter the time of year.

Looking out from the inside

traditional-windows-1While Supalite roofing is one way of keeping the heat in – or out depending on the season – it’s far from the only option when trying to keep warm.

Windows, as common in homes as they may be, are hugely underrated in conserving heat and keeping your energy bills down.  From the old school single pane glass evolved the double glazed glass we know and love today.

Despite its insulating properties, double glazing can lack the appearance and charm of traditional wood framed windows of times gone by.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, with advancements in technology allowing more and more for a perfect mix of a classic look matching your home and the ability to keep your bills low.

Winter proofing your home can be done in far more ways that those listed above, and it’s far from an exhaustive list of home improvement solutions offered by Tyneside Home Improvements.

For a full list of improvements or for more information, visit Tyneside Home Improvement’s newly designed website, call them on 0191 489 5063 or drop them an email to and find out how easy it can be to make your home ready for winter.

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