What’s in yours? From the weird to the wonderful…

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25th March 2017
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31st March 2017
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What’s in yours? From the weird to the wonderful…

Christmas decorations, spare dining room chairs, the other fridge… all examples of things you’d find in a British homeowner’s garage. We’ve all been there, faced with an albeit ugly or large item you wouldn’t want to store in the home so placing it in the garage is logically the way forward.

Whether it’s a selection of grey and green buckets for washing the car or that pair of wellies you bought in ’06. Garages are for the possessions that have to live in the dark. Classic items you’re likely to find in the average homeowner’s garage range from the array of family bikes sitting collecting dust. You know the ones, sat propped up against the wall with all the necessary parts to fix them like a pump and flat tire repair kit. Amongst other things you’ll also find the other freezer, the other freezer is both a necessity and an eyesore, come Christmas you’ll store the necessary food items in there but for the rest of the year sits in the dark.

Your garage doesn’t necessarily need to be the dull room you go to store old items.

Have you considered the prospects of a new garage door? At Tyneside Home Improvements, we’re currently offering 25% off all garage doors direct from us. Our sectional garage doors provide a fully insulated door to your garage and have many design and colour options and glazing selections, all suiting both single and double garage openings. Up your garage door game today.

However, what if we could give you an alternative for your underused garage possessions. Have you considered a garage conversion? A garage conversion is a great idea, with Tyneside Home Improvements you can transform that space into a structural addition to your home so you can store your garage possessions in neatly and efficiently. With a garage conversion you can add up to 20% extra living space into your home.

Sound good? Enquire with Tyneside Home Improvements today for your no obligation quote and find out what you can do with your home’s garage. Let’s give these items a real home.

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