Park life – Resin drives and kerb appeal

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21st April 2017
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Park life – Resin drives and kerb appeal

So your house is now a home. The furnishings are installed, the windows are double glazed and you might even have a fancy new door or two. Yes, the home you always dreamed of is coming together quite nicely.

Even the garden is looking good. Freshly mown grass, a busy bird table and perhaps some fresh decking has turned your once overgrown space into the perfect place for a lazy day of watching the world go by.

But what of the front of your home? More than simply somewhere to park your car, the place which is often taken for granted where many days outside the home start and end. We’re talking of course about your drive.

It could be crumbling, it may be smooth, but one thing is for sure – if your driveway is a standard concrete or asphalt one, you could be missing out on adding value to your home, thanks to the wonders of kerb appeal.

Do you ever find yourself walking along and admiring the appearance of someone’s home? In its simplest form, that is kerb appeal. But it’s not just some mythical force, as mentioned; it’s been proven that kerb appeal can have a real effect on the value of a property – and nowhere is that more evident than in the case of the alternative to concrete driveways.




According to Virgin Money a resin drive can add around 1% to the value of a property. In the north east, where the average house costs around £160,000 so say Right Move, that 1%, which may seem a drop in the ocean could equate to around £1,600 being added to the value of your home – no small feat.

This may leave you with two questions – why should I get a resin drive, and what exactly is a resin drive? Let’s tackle the second one first.

A resin drive, or resin bound driveway as they are known as is a porous surfacing which sees your drive covered with a blend of aggregate before being coated with a resin, bonding the aggregates together. They can even be laid over your existing concrete drive if the surface is good enough.

If that all sounds a little too much like science for your reading time, then think of it as a good looking, value adding, long lasting alternative to your tired looking concrete driveway.

So, that’s what a resin drive is, but why should you take the next step in your home improvement and bring the front drive up to scratch with the rest of your home?

First off they will save you time. A resin drive is virtually maintenance free so once it’s down, you won’t have to worry about taking care of it. We’ve already talked about the added value to your home, but did you know resin drives are also cost effective?

Unlike loose gravel or asphalt surfaces, a resin drive won’t need replacing for years, meaning less money being paid out by you to keep updating and repairing your drive.

Not only that, but a resin drive from Tyneside Home Improvements looks great and can be made exactly to your style. Unlike cold, grey concrete, resin drives come in a range of colour options, and can even be laid in a number of textures, patterns, and styles, so that all important kerb appeal will have passers-by wowed by your individual style.

So if you want your home to make a great first impression, get in touch with Tyneside Home Improvements for your free, no obligation quote on a resin drive.
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