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28th April 2017
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Masterpiece or Disasterpiece

Have you heard the one about the garage that is built for a flying car? Or how about the……… While some buildings are known for their quirks – the leaning tower of Pisa for example, for every architectural masterpiece, you will find an absolute disaster, unless you have a funny bone, in which case they are an absolute gift.

Here are some of our favourite internet finds, which our expert Tyneside Home Improvements team will be looking at and casting their opinion on in what we’re calling masterpiece or disasterpiece.  If you have any hidden gems of your own, let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter under the hashtag #Disasterpiece and we’ll share some of the best.



Room with a view

We’d imagine that when it comes to home improvements, a balcony addition would be right up there with the best of them. But while thinking about the design, those classic black bars and wooden floor, let’s not forget that there might be a need for a door from which to exit. And by ‘might’ we mean will you will definitely need the door. The team behind this mustn’t have got the memo…

Verdict – Disasterpiece


Forward thinking

Back to the future was a huge hit in the 1980s. From hover boards to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, it predicted a few things years’ before they happened. But even the cult film didn’t see flying cars coming. Good job the bunch behind this garage had the foresight to see the need for somewhere to keep those flying cars by the time they roll around.

Verdict – Potential future masterpiece


Always check your mirrors

It’s obviously no bad thing to be looking out for the environment. But we feel like this might just be a tad too much.

Yes the Government could tax high emission engines more, or they could hire the bunch of geniuses behind this canny scheme. How, we ask, will anyone be able to drive that gas guzzling smart car if you can’t get it off the drive?

Verdict – Masterpiece


Clearly, the three examples above are, let’s just say less than perfect. But it could have been so much easier if they’d called Tyneside Home Improvement. We aim to provide the best quality home improvements possible, and from feedback from our clients we seem to be doing a pretty good job of it.

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