Keeping cool can be SupaEasy with SupaLite

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12th May 2017
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15th May 2017
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Keeping cool can be SupaEasy with SupaLite

We’ve noticed summer’s well and truly on its way over at Tyneside Home Improvements HQ. From people ditching their tops as the mercury creeps above zero, to any number of folk remarking ‘isn’t it warm today’ before seeing the temperature drop quicker than the titanic, the signs of the sunny season are all around.

The warm weather inevitably leads to complaints about lack of sleep, along with a spike in sales ice lollies as people look to keep themselves and their homes cool in the dog days of summer.

And while we’re sure most people would opt to simply buy a fan, or invest in a new air conditioning system to install in , the good folk over at Buzzfeed have come up with some, let’s just say, unconventional ways to beat the heat. These include an ice cube hat (yes you read that correctly), an umbrella fan and a combination of two of the coolest forces on earth – chewing gum and cold water. You can read the whole list here as it does contain some options that are a little more realistic.

But at Tyneside Home Improvements, we know that an ice cube attached to your head is just plain silly – besides, it would just melt in the heat anyway. Luckily for those of you who were thinking that was the best way to chill your home (what were you thinking?) we have a practical, cost effective solution to your conservatory cooling conundrum.

A SupaLite roof may be just the ticket to keep the heat out this summer and what’s more – it will keep the warmth in come winter when you most need it. Designed to fit with existing conservatory window frames, the SupaLite roofing system will help turn your conservatory into a usable year round room.

Having been used everywhere from the heat of Australia to the tundra’s of Canada meaning it’s more than capable of handling even the worst of the eclectic British whether system.

And what’s more, as the SupaLite fitter of the year for the last five years you can rest easy knowing with Tyneside Home Improvements, you’ll be in safe hands. So why chance being caught in the clutches of a cowboy when you can get the experts on the job.

And if that doesn’t chill you out then we don’t know what will.

Call us on 0191 489 5063 or drop us an email to to see what a SupaLite roofing system can do for you and your home, or see our website for more details.

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