FAQ: Will a Supalite Roof Darken my Conservatory?

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13th March 2017
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17th March 2017
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FAQ: Will a Supalite Roof Darken my Conservatory?

Installing a new roof can be a big step in the right direction to begin improving your home. Whilst dedicating time to installing a new roof to your home you’re definitely going to have queries on how your new roof will essentially benefit your home in the future.

Supalite roofing is a type of roof installation dedicated to fitting to existing conservatory window frames, helping you keep cool in summer and warm during the winter, turning your conservatory into a usable room all year round. A big question about Supalite roofing we’re often asked is “will a Supalite roof make my conservatory darker?”. Our customers often tell us that their conservatory will maintain the same level of brightness with a Supalite roof installation – which is always great to hear.

Customer’s who’ve had the Supalite Roof system installed to their conservatory  say they still feel bright and airy as a result of the light from the windows and the plaster ceiling reflecting the light back into the room, meaning they don’t lose the light from your prior roofing arrangement.

There are plenty of benefits from having installed a Supalite roof from Tyneside Home Improvements. The only structurally built, lightweight tiled roof system, SupaLite roofing comes with a wide range of exterior tiles and fascia’s meaning no matter your home’s appearance, there is a SupaLite roofing system to suit you

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