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Extending an Opportunity

Conservatories are one of the most popular methods of extending your home design, offering a relative hassle free and cost effective method of providing your home with more space.

The greatest advantage of a conservatory extension from Tyneside Home Improvements is its sheer versatility. From being a relaxing living room to an extra dining room or even a home study, each option offers a unique and vibrant experience with the trademark open design of our conservatories.

However with the added versatility afforded to you by your conservatory comes the question of how you will furnish your new home extension? After all, a conservatory is meant to be like no other room in the house; completely unique, taking advantage of the natural light and ambience that surrounds your home.

So it’s only natural that you would look to fill your conservatory with furniture that will suit its theme and help continue the open and natural aesthetic that conservatories can offer.

And while there is nothing stopping you heading down to the local department store and buying some flat pack benches and coffee tables– the cost effective means of furnishing your conservatory – the natural ambience would be wasted.



So what are your alternatives? One option which always adds to the light and airy feel of a conservatory is natural wood furniture, such as the stunning Mango Furniture­ from The Trade Furniture Company.

Collections such as this may appear to be big and bulky, but arranging your stylish new natural wood furniture in your conservatory could not be easier. The only problem now is what fittings will grace your new addition to the home.

With the Mango furniture collection offering everything from coffee tables and computer desks, to benches and much more you’ll be spoilt for choice, and with all featuring natural wood grains that make you feel connected the world you’re looking at through the open glass design, you can be assured of quality and durability – no matter your choice.

What’s more, is that no matter the weather, the warming touch and vibe that Natural Wood Furniture gives off makes your conservatory a year round feature of the home, not just somewhere for summer days.

This makes Natural Mango Furniture the perfect complement to a Tyneside home Improvements built conservatory – quality inside and out.

To find out more about the Mango Furniture Collection from the Trade Furniture Company, visit

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