Don’t believe everything you see on TV….

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17th March 2017
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17th March 2017
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Don’t believe everything you see on TV….

But what has this got to do with Tyneside Home Improvements?

Well, some telly fans out there may remember a show called Home Improvement which aired during the 1990s and like most programmes these days usually turns up on repeats on Dave and other such channels.

Starring Tim Allen, who was also the voice of Woody in Toy Story as the host of a DIY tips show, Tool Time, the show chronicled his adventures in DIY and home improvements – which despite being a dab hand at presenting, often ended in disaster and hijinks.

However, as much as the news would have you believe, not everything you see on TV is the way it appears. Take Tyneside Home Improvements for example.

Unlike Allen’s character on the 90s sitcom, we might not be the best presenters on TV – you certainly won’t see us presenting X-Factor any time soon – but what we are experts at is improving your home – with none of the slapstick comedy.

From the top of your home to the base – be it a supalite roof or laying artificial turf – the Tyneside Home Improvement team is always on hand to turn your house into the home of your dreams.

And while we don’t go for silly speed – like some shows that say they will have a makeover done in less than an hour – with Tyneside Home Improvement, you will be safe in the knowledge that all work done will be completed professionally. So that means no windy conservatories, ill-fitting doors or missing tiles.

So if you, or anyone needs any home improvement work carrying out, give us.

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