Conservative about getting a conservatory?

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13th March 2017
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17th March 2017
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Conservative about getting a conservatory?

Would you consider yourself as the type of person who isn’t really a big risk taker? In lieu of sounding cliché, the biggest risk of all is not taking one, but what does this have to do with Tyneside Home Improvements you ask? Well, purchasing a conservatory for your home can feel like a big risk to take especially if you’re still on the fence. Believe me, we get it, that’s why we’re here to help you out and give you the downlow on purchasing your first conservatory.

First things first, why are you considering a conservatory?
This is probably one of the main questions circulating your brain right now. Did you know that a can increase the value of your home by typically around 8%? Sounds good to us, you’ll also be able to expand the space of your home creating a luxurious retreat for friends and family. In terms of the beneficial aspects of adding a conservatory to your home, enjoy a bright and relaxing area in your home susceptible of natural light all year round. Conservatories are perfect for crisp winter mornings, and long summer nights, conservatories are an excellent option for more living space.

How will you use your conservatory?
There are so many options to using your conservatory efficiently all year round. Just a few suggestions but you could use your new-found space as a playroom, dining room or perhaps an all-weather lounge? So many options. Maybe you’ll use your alternative space to chill out after a long stressful day at work, your conservatory will be available to use all year round.

Garden space, where will your conservatory face?
When it comes to thinking about where your conservatory will face, you’ll have to consider your options geographically. West and south-facing conservatories will receive more sunlight, particularly in the evening. If you’re planning a conservatory facing north or east, you might wish to consider sufficient heating or performance glass which reflects heat back into your conservatory.

Worried about planning permission and the jargon of building regulations?
Fear not, for small domestic conservatories building regulations are not usually required in England and Wales. Sounds good? Here’s even better news, Tyneside Home Improvements will advise on, and deal with all matters relating to planning permission and building regulations on your behalf.

So, how do you feel about purchasing a conservatory with Tyneside Home Improvements now? Still need help? Enquire now for a no obligation quote at Tyneside Home Improvements now on 0191 489 5063.

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