Arnold Schwarzenegger has artificial grass, and thinks YOU should too!

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3rd May 2017
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6th May 2017
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has artificial grass, and thinks YOU should too!

Yes, you read that right, the Terminator himself believes everyone should invest in artificial grass. The Predator star currently lives in his home in California and claims his artificial grass looks “so real” that his pony, Whiskey, still tries to eat it.

Ever since the age of 15, Arnie has held a fixation with the conservation of water due to his time as a child in Austria. During his time in Austria, his family didn’t have running water in their home, so Arnie had to haul water to and from his home over 200 yards from the nearest well on a daily basis. The actor and now ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ host in America furthered his beliefs of water conservation during a drought season in California as he came up with a strategy for both the short-term and far into the future by installing artificial grass.



After he decided to install artificial grass into his home, Schwarzenegger found that he had managed to decrease his home’s water usage by 40% in comparison to the summer of 2013. Like Arnie, you can save on watering your lawns for the brief summer months we experience in the northeast by purchasing your own artificial grass today.

Here at Tyneside Home Improvements we proudly serve Newcastle and the North East with a practical, durable, safe and stylish green lawn all year round. You’ll also get a 10-year guarantee on your purchase as well. To nudge you into the right direction we’re also offering 30% off artificial lawns today.

Be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, invest in artificial grass today.

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